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Owner/Operator Tony Zuppelli

Cool dad, excellent husband & hard working businessman. With several years of experience & dozens of happy clients, Tony Zuppelli has been moving up the ladder in this challenging landscaping industry.

"Most landscapers have the typical, “the customer’s always right mindset.” While true in most cases; it’s not how I operate in regards to landscaping. I must be upfront & honest. While yes, we’re all in business because we love making a good living for ourselves and our family. We also enjoy what we do and the satisfying feeling we have pleasing the customer. However, if a customer comes to us and wants us to do something I think is a bad idea and/or detrimental to the landscaping, no matter the money value, I will simply be honest in expressing why it may not be the best idea. I will then offer professional suggestions to improve their landscape vision. Again, while we are all in business to make money and a good living, if it’s not quality and something that my company can put a name on; we simply will not partake. Some will compromise their skill & level of service for the money, but to me — money isn’t everything. I hold honesty, integrity & high quality of service at a much higher value."

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